sewist by trade, maker by nature

Hi! I’m Veronica. I enjoy making and repairing things, and Craft Revue is my creative home on the web.

For ten years I ran an Etsy shop called Modern Pelage. It started as tiny storefront offering ravewear, but quickly evolved into a faux fur specialty shop with thousands of repeat customers. I made colorful faux fur creations for everyone from Halloween revelers and dance teams to cosplayers and drag queens. It was the definition of a fun job.

Eventually, it was time to move on to a new creative project. I retired from the faux fur life last year to move across the country and begin the long process of restoring my antique home.

These days I prefer working with natural materials, but I still like to use a lot of color. Hopefully one of my articles might catch your eye or spark inspiration for your own creations.

Happy crafting!